• Do you have a disobedient dog?
  • Does your pooch embarrass you in public?
  • Are you sick of excessive biting, barking & whining?
  • Are you tired of dog aggression issues?
  • Do you want to know how to fix any behaviour problems?

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To John,

Thank you John!

We arrived at John's with little hope and a barking aggressive, lunging Rescued German Shepherd called Indy whom of which we cannot take places where other dogs go.

After 20 minutes we were in disbelief with the results and could begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel watching Indy playing with John's dog Angel and not trying to kill her!

We left with very big smiles on our faces. Looking forward to the K9 boot camp classes with our extra tools and cannot wait to achieve some results with her!

Thank again John we are still gobsmacked.

Mark Fry

To Mr John Gatt,


He has saved my beautiful boy Nnja's life. I could not believe how quick Ninja responded when John showed us how to "speak his language". You know as nNnja's mum I have always tried to do the best for him, by giving him unlimited cuddles etc but I had no idea I was teaching him that he was in control, and that's what caused his behaviour problems.

I can't voice this strongly enough, but John saved my dog's life because this was our last option before following the vet's instructions to put him to sleep. It was well worth the 2 hour drive to see John. I can't recommend this guy enough he is a true dig whisperer.

Ben Jebb

To Mr John Gatt,

"I just wanted to take time out writing this letter to you to say thank you so much for changing my understanding towards dogs' behaviour and most importantly my dog's very bad behaviour, you gave me goose-bumps watching you work your miracle with dobby; my Doberman.

"I've watched many videos and Foxtel on Cesar Millan the dog whisperer and had three other so-called dog trainers out to help me with dobby's bad behaviour with no change in him at all (very strong minded dog). A friend recommended you; may I say John Gatt you are truly the dog whisperer of Australia.

"I enjoyed your technique, how you handled my dog, no harsh methods, no lead or hand work with the dog - you're just incredible John. Thank you once again. PS I purchased my friend a huge box of chocolates for telling me about you."

Mrs. Tracy O'Connor

" I have known John Gatt for approximately two years and during this time I have found him to be a most talented person. His talents in the K-9 industry for outweigh anyone I have ever known before, including professionals. His skills in training K-9s Rottweiler. John brought my K-9 from being a totally domineering untrained dog to a fully trained dog. His experience does not stop there. I have witnessed him to train even the most difficult breeds and win state obedience competitions with them.

"John has a most pleasant manner and his stable family life promotes willingness to help anybody. His kindness extends to the immediate public whom he teaches dog obedience for free. When he receives donations, he donates it straight to the Blind Dog Society, the local high school and various other charities.

"I recommend John to anybody who may need his services and if you need any further information about him, please feel free to contact me."

Jeremy Churchill
Onwatch Security Services

"Dear John,

"Thank you for the lesson to help me train my dog, I was impressed with your knowledge and understanding of dog behaviour, the firmness and kindess seems logical (you should be training parents). It is also a great back up service to be able to ring you if unable to success using certain commands.

Thanks again."

F.Foley -Noraville NSW

Dear John

"I am currently attending Dog Obedience Training with John Gatt. I have a 7 Month old Fox Terrier which I couldn't controll ...

"I introduced the advice John gave me to my dog. Within one night I had the dog's persistant barking under controll, I couldn't believe it.

"The dog now is responding to walking, sitting and jumping. Staying will be controlled with a bit more persistance and training. Overall the dog is now more controlled.

"This is my second week with John's obedience training. In my view the man is a "LEGEND". He is very experienced. I would have no hesitation in my recommending John Gatt to anyone...."

G. Edwards - Chittaway Bay, NSW

"Dear John,

"Thank you for your help over the weekend.

"What a difference 2 days has made to Zeus, he is responding well and so are the children.

"The children thought that you were great and that you have also worked a miracle, I have told them that to make the miracle work we must keep working on it.

"Thank you."

Justin & Lavina

"It is my pleasure to write this reference in favour of Mr. John Gatt. John has been known to me over the past six months as a dog obedience teacher. I have Boxer dogs which are a difficult breed to control, however both dogs made good progress under John's expert guidance.

"John's lessons are a great community service as they encourage responsible dog ownership, as well as monies collected, via donations, being distributed to worthy causes.

"John has proven over the time I have taken lessons from him to act professionally, displaying high levels of reliability and punctiality. He teaches his classes in an encouraging manner and I would recommend his services."

S. Hockey - Jilliby NSW